Thursday, March 22, 2012

Музейн үзмэрүүд

 Гадаадын музей нэтээр үзэж байгаад таалагдсанаа оруулав

A Native Lady of Umritsar, oil on canvas possibly by Horace van Ruith, Amritsar, 1880s

  • Artist: van Ruith, Horace
  • Date: 1880s (made)
  • Museum no.: IS.45-1886
  • Materials & techniques: Oil on canvas
  • Location: South Asia, room 41, case F
  • Place: Amritsar

 with the head of a goat, Greek world, about 200-100 BC; embossed sheet gold, with filigree and a garnet

  • Date: 200 BC-100 BC (made)
  • Museum no.: 8756-1863
  • Materials & techniques: Gold, garnet
  • Location: Jewellery, room 91, case 2, shelf C, box 10
  • Place: Greece

 Earring, gold with filigree decoration and dove pendant, Greece, possibly North Sea area, 200-100 BC

  • Museum no.: M.20-1959
  • Materials & techniques: Gold, with filigree decoration
  • Location: Jewellery, room 91, case 2, shelf C, box 2
  • Place: Greece

 Engraved gold frame, ivory painted in watercolour with a miniature of Britannia with a ship in the distance. At the back, plaited hair and a paper label inscribed Jackson, England, 1775-1800

  • Date: 1775-1800 (made)
  • Museum no.: 943-1888
  • Materials & techniques: Engraved gold, ivory, watercolour, hair, paper
  • Location: Jewellery, room 91 mezzanine, case 81, shelf D3, box 15
  • Place: England

 Pair of humming bird-head earrings, mounted in gold with feathers and red glass eyes, by Harry Emanuel, London, c. 1865

  • Date: ca. 1865 (made)
  • Museum no.: M.11:1, 2-2003
  • Materials & techniques: Bird heads, mounted in gold, with red glass eyes
  • Location: Jewellery, room 91 mezzanine, case 81, shelf D6, box 14
  • Place: London

 ld collar, Ireland, late Bronze Age (probably 800-700 BC).

  • ate: 800 BC-700 BC (made)
  • Museum no.: M.35-1948
  • Materials & techniques: Embossed gold
  • Location: Jewellery, room 91, case 51
  • Place: Ireland


  1. Жинхэнэ шувууны толгойг ашиглаж хийсэн байгааздээ

  2. bird head earing goyiin gsn chn real umuu aimaariin bee kkk. like it.

    messengertee ordoggui busgui yu?

  3. хэхэ харин жинхэнэ амьтны толгойгоор хийцэн байгааздээ .. нүд нь улаан шил энэтэр гээд хэхэ


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